We have printers which use the latest technologies to transfer you into the world of the image. Our digital printing services range from all kinds of indoor and outdoor printing, sample table services, short-run digital labels, packaging and structural design services, customized wallpaper printing and complete package solutions for brand owners. We provide the best quality digital printing solutions which is unmatched all across the Middle East.
Ocean Design set-up includes top-class printers that service all small to large format jobs and ensure there is no hindrance to the customer’s needs and requirement in any form.
Our installation team which has years of experience will mount all your indoor and outdoor requirements ranging from posters to exhibition solutions and everything in between. We have incorporated the latest technology which ensures impeccable quality and resolution.
Our digital printing services comprise of large format, small format, stickers/labels, displays, textile printing, and wide range of indoor printing solutions, exhibitions, 3D Printing and also complete package solutions for brand owners.