We’re a creative agency based in Dubai & Amman that born to craft inspiring brands for promising startups and companies on the rise. Our purpose is to help you make your mark on the world. We have talented team of designers, developers and a support team to help our clients. Our mission is based on our vision and our vision is what our strategy is based on it.
We have worked on new ways of communicating and new digital solutions since 2002, always trying to invent something different. We mix creativity, usability with the objective of delivering a unique experience. A bit more with every project.

“Experience is better when shared”
A road trip is amazing because of all the stories you can tell. Wind, landscapes, and adventures with your buddies.
What makes it unforgettable are your travel companions.
The same is true for our projects: we exchange views with our clients and develop together tools to improve the connection with the final targets.

Why Ocean Design:

Everything’s In house
Commitment to deliver the Creative work with High quality of production on Time
We’re not just an agency. We actually think, create and produce our ideas.
We study, test, and play with technology