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We design! that is what we do. We design tools for marketing & advertisement. We design the platform that help your business shine in the crowd. We stratagise your success, we brainstorm, we create ideas; not just in the design area but also in the final processes of production and finishings.


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Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for corporate gifts? Dubai's top supplier of handmade and customized luxury corporate gifts.
Why be limited to icons when image is more exciting?!



We leverage essential truths about a company and the market(s) it serves, then apply insight, intelligence and creativity to help develop an Authentic Brand. The result? Confidence that your brand values will resonate in the marketplace.



We provide a One Stop Solution for all your packaging needs. We design, develop and manufacture packaging ...



When it comes to talking to audiences directly, there remains no equal to advertising in its various forms. From print and broadcast to outdoor and online, we create integrated advertising that brings the right message to the right people at the right time.

Why Choose Us?

There is always some reasons why people will choose us. Here is what we call it reasons. We work with CEO’s and their leadership teams to clarify purpose and vision, develop story-based branding strategies, unite your culture around a common message, and bring the visual brand to life with design. Our focus is on crafting holistic brand experiences that people are inspired by. For the last ten years, we’ve heard working with us is “unlike anything you’ve experienced before, but everything you need to build a brand that matters.” We work with clients who aren’t just building brands, they’re changing the world. If that sounds like you, we’d love to meet.

We Love What We Do

We love what we do because we’re doing what we love: creating curiously strong creative for the Web, print and beyond

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In Ocean we have a good team of food designers who are able to feed you like a mom and we call it imaged services!